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hind·​sight | \ˈhīn(d)-ˌsīt

definition: recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.

When we choose to make a charitable gift to an organization it is our hope that the gift will help the mission of the organization and that our support will be a positive force for helping the common good.

Likewise, when we make a significant gift to a person, we do so with the hope of making their dreams come true.

Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for acts of charity, giving aid, or monetary assistance to a worthy cause. One of the highest levels of Tzedakah is giving a gift in order to enable the recipient to become self-reliant. But humans are unpredictable. The outcome of the act of giving can be a most gratifying experience or it can be ambiguous or sometimes disappointing. Real life does not always resolve neatly as we hope or might expect. Still, we need to remind ourselves that the unselfish act is in the deed itself, and we must continue to give because it is the right thing to do.



In June, 2004, two women named Elizabeth began their days in different hemispheres. Liz, an American nurse, was preparing to travel to Peru where she would be helping offer corrective surgery to needy children. Meanwhile, Peruvian student and interpreter Liz set out to walk to her job as a medical translator. Two worlds were about to cross, joined by the helping hand of medical mission work. In a thoughtful narrative, Lewis details how she developed a meaningful relationship with the younger Liz who dreamed of becoming a doctor to serve the people of her beloved Peru. But without the means or support, it seemed like an impossible dream. With the help of the author, she bridged the impossible and often stumbled through the medical school hierarchy to accomplish her dream and graduate medical school. Their loving relationship at times brought forth memories of the young Elizabeth's stormy past as it conflicted with her future. In the end, the author reveals how unforeseen, out of the blue events can change everything.

“I greatly appreciate Latin American countries in part because I can manage the Spanish language. But mostly I found the people to be amazing;  gracious, humble and appreciative of the work we do for their people.  Latin American culture reflects a good work ethic and proud people with artistically diverse talents.”  -Elizabeth Lewis




March 2-3 2019, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

The University of Arizona Campus, Tucson

   Visit Elizabeth in the Indie Author Pavilion for

book signing and discussion. 



Friday May 10, 2019  12:30 PM   

   Tune in to Las Cruces' 101.5 FM to hear a Q&A with Elizabeth.  


"Just finished reading this book. Fascinating multi-dimensional story about two women from very different backgrounds, at very different stages in life, who unite to make a dream come true. Left me wanting another chapter to see what is happening to them now. Author has skill as a story teller and brings her first hand experiences as a nurse doing medical missions in Peru into the story. Made me think--would I have been open to taking the chances she did?"

Gary, Amazon Reviewer

"Such a thoughtful, well-written account of a fascinating story of friendship, trust, altruism, and disappointment.  I highly recommend this - I am still thinking about this story days after finishing the book.  I enjoyed learning more about medical mission work as well as Peruvian culture, as well" 

BookLover1972, Barnes & Noble Reviewer

"Imagine the pain of having invested so much in the dream of another, someone about whom you care deeply, to then see her stop short of the broader goal. And perhaps we might ask ourselves this: how many of us would have extended ourselves and our own checkbooks, as Ms. Lewis does during the long years that Liz toiled to conquer her studies (and also coped with a ludicrous lack of acceptance from those who should have been her peers without question)?"

Lynda, Amazon Reviewer

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Elizabeth Lewis grew up in the Midwest. She earned a BSN in nursing and a PhD in Healthcare Administration. She spent much of her career in senior positions at hospitals and healthcare organizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California. Her first two books, published by Aspen publications were on nursing management practices. In Between Our Worlds, her third book, Elizabeth turns to sharing a personal memoir inspired by a true experience.

Over the last 30 years, Elizabeth has participated in numerous medical missions in Baja, mainland Mexico, Central and South America through Operation Smile, Flying Samaritans, Children's Surgery International, and other volunteer organizations.

She currently resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico with her husband Tom.

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